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Among all the facilities and functions of company, IT infrastructure is most critical to manage and requires the proficiency.CHINTECH SYSTEMS offers the IT management services include company's Hardware, Software, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity related functions.

We are experienced and certified group of engineers. With the knowledge of these engineers we provide required support for customers. Our team is certified and has significant experience in all areas of IT.

  • Central Helpdesk Support
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Hardware Management
  • Software Management
  • Network Management
  • Mail Management
  • Backup Management
  • Antivirus Management

Implementation of policies:
Policies defined by the company's IT team will be implemented by CHINTECH SYSTEMS in collaboration with the customer. Some of the policies are:

  • Back up & Restore Policy
  • Antivirus Policy
  • Network Resource Utilization
  • Mailing Policy (mail server usage and restriction)
  • Internet access policy

Review Mechanism for the above services

  • Monthly Review at customer site as per schedule
  • Review and audit of the Tech Support team on a quarterly of half-yearly basis
  • Training of engineers on a half-yearly basis, or as and when arranged during the year by the principals like HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Toshiba. A minimum of one training per senior engineer will be undertaken in a year